Ongoing thanks to members of the International Guild of Musicians in Dance, for encouraging me to investigate collaborations. Special thanks are extended to two colleagues who read the initial manuscript and made many helpful suggestions:

Janet Mansfield Soares, choreographer; former chairperson, Barnard College dance department; author of biographies of Louis Horst and Martha Hill; and teacher of courses in “History of Dance in Relation to Music” at Manhattan School of Music.

Eric Schwartz, award-winning composer, music director, School of Dance, University of North Carolina School of the Arts. In addition to working with dancers as a practicing musician, he teaches courses in music for dancers, and is working towards a Ph.D. in dance music pedagogy.

Thanks also to composer/educator Claudia Howard Queen for insisting that there had to be films available with the essays!

Finally, thanks to family members who over the years have made  many helpful suggestions: Walter and Caroline Weintz; Rachel and Stephen Moore; and my ever-patient and helpful husband Alan Teck.

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