About Appreciating Ballet’s Music

What a godsend for dance and dancers everywhere. And free! This is all any dance music course needs.

–Janet Mansfield Soares, Professor Emerita in dance, Barnard College; author, Louis Horst: Musician in a Dancer’s World


A wonderful collection.I feel like I need to lock myself in a room for a week and just more closely acquaint myself with all this fabulous material!

–Eric Schwartz, Music Director, School of Dance
University of North Carolina School of the Arts


This is just incredible; an amazing resource for dance music.

–Douglas Corbin, Associate Professor, School of Dance, Florida State University


I have taken time to read this labour of love and wanted you to know how much I profited from it and will enjoy future sessions gazing at ballet performances. I liked the direct ways in which you present the facts and ideas, your acute and warm assessment of them, and the overall encouragement to read and to know more. Your work will, I’m sure, be a great standby for many generations of interested dance students.

–Professor Margaret M. McGowan CBE FBA, Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Research Professor, University of Sussex


I will definitely share the link with my students. They will appreciate it very much. The book is beautifully done. It’s a whole appreciation course on ballet and ballet music.

–Beth Mehocic, Ph.D, composer, Professor and Music Director for Dance,
University of Nevada at Las Vegas


A fantastic online book. I’ve been greatly enjoying going through the chapters and confess that I am amazed at the breadth and depth of your research and knowledge of the ballet repertoire. The references and links you include with the main entries are fascinating and delightful and lead to many enjoyable hours watching performances and reading articles online.

Matthew Naughtin, music librarian, San Francisco Ballet; author, Ballet Music: A Handbook


What a wonderful resource! I will most certainly share it with my colleagues.

Scott Speck,conductor, Music Director, The Joffrey Ballet


This looks amazing and I will definitely enjoy looking through!

–Katherine Duke, Artistic Director, Erick Hawkins Dance Company


Such a rich, accessible accomplishment! Exceptionally interesting and valuable book.

–Lynn Matluck Brooks, Professor Emerita, Franklin and Marshall College (founder of dance department); former editor, Dance Research Journal; former co-editor, Dance Chronicle; co-editor, Preserving Dance Across Time and Space


I can see it being a great resource for students and teachers and dance enthusiasts. Those links are great.

Madeline Cantor, Dance and the Child International, USA, chapter newsletter editor


I have been reading your web book and find it very informative, easy to read, and a unique point of view and voice from which to tell the very rich story of the relationship between music and dance. It’s also a very helpful touchstone as I continue to re-assess and adjust the syllabus for the Music for Dance course I teach.

–Robert Boston, Music Director, Dept. of Dance, Barnard College


I’m really impressed with the whole online book aspect, so accessible and linked up. You’re developing a core dance/music treasure chest for all of us.

–Dr. Andy Teirstein, composer, Professor of Dance, Tisch School for the Arts, NYU


The website is a fine cut diamond, a remarkable gift of documentation.

–David Yoken, composer; Professor, Turku University, Finland


Totally amazing. I am sending the link to colleagues who are teaching music for dance classes. Also great for people teaching ballet history. Nice inclusion of video examples.

Claudia Howard Queen, composer; formerly Associate Professor of music for dance, University of North Texas


Clearly a formidable body of work and an incredibly useful resource for students.

–Stephanie Jordan, author, Emeritus Research Professor, Roehampton University,London


A fantastic book. It looks beautiful on both a computer screen and mobile device. In particular, the menu structure displays very clearly and navigation is easy on mobile, and this is not always the case for websites displaying on mobile devices.

Jeff Zahos, President, International Guild of Musicians in Dance


The site is tremendous. I’m sure to assign readings from it. It will be good to have something as concise and authoritative as your essays and links to help tell the Western Europe part of the story. And I love the writing!

Andrew Warshaw, Associate Professor of Music and Dance, Marymount Manhattan College; Music Director, Dance Department


What a wonderful resource. I’m sharing it with my Music for Dance classes today.

–Alan Terriciano, Professor of Dance and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, Claire Trevor School of the Arts. University of California, Irvine


The essays look fascinating, and it is very helpful to have the links to the ballet performances.  I’m not always happy about our technological world, but in this case the result is quite wonderful.

 –Kay Slocum, Professor Emerita, Department of History, Capital University; author, Medieval Civilization


A remarkable resource. Your curated selection of performances is a valuable guide for a ballet newcomer like me.

—Bryan S. Wright, Ph.D., pianist; musicologist; founder/owner,
Rivermont Records; Artistic Director, Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival


The new website is beautiful, and packed with goodies. I hadn’t ever noticed before that overlooked corner of the arts, at the intersection of ballet and music. Your abundance of ideas and projects is really impressive and uplifting.

—Eric Booth, actor; master teaching artist, Lincoln Center Education; author of The Everyday Work of Art.


A great addition for ballet and music lovers alike and helpful for them to teach and encourage their children to do one or the other themselves. I like so much the ability to read about a performance piece and then be able to see and/or hear it and to go back and forth between the two.

–Elizabeth Lee, former dance critic, The Durham Morning Herald

About Making Music for Modern Dance: Collaboration in the Formative Years of a New American Art

Wow! A book with such glorious content and organization that I would enthusiastically use it in my own courses and recommend it to students and all readers in modern dance history, music for dance, collaborative and interdisciplinary arts, and American music. How wonderful to have these primary sources (many rare or previously unavailable) under one cover, each one placed in a clear context.

Greg Presley, piano faculty,Gonzaga University formerly pianist for the Martha Graham Company and co-director of  music for dance, Florida State University

A meticulously researched and annotated collection.

Janet Soares,  choreographer, former head of Barnard College Dance Department, and author of Martha Hill and the Making of American Dance and of Louis Horst: Musician in a Dancer’s World

The collaborative and creative process between musicians and dancers is deeply intriguing and long-lasting. Teck, through this collection of essays and discussions, brings out the nuances and fine points with a broad, overarching view so that no one perspective is privileged over another. She provides context of time and the interrelated forces on and within dance and music to deliver broad and rich perspectives on the connected art forms.

–Elizabeth McPherson, Attitude, The Dancers’ Magazine

About Ear Training for the Body: A Dancer’s Guide to Music

I am impressed by this author. Seldom does one find a book on a technical subject that is written with ease, clarity, and distinction. I am impressed with this book from cover to cover. I recommend it for both dancers and musicians.

–Doris Green, Attitude, The Dancer’s Magazine

This is a book that every dancer and dance teacher should have and re-read regularly. It addresses that “musicality” that we always read about in fine dancers—and gives specific instruction in how to develop those skills in dancers, and in the teachers who teach them.

–Dance Teacher Now

About Music for the Dance: Reflections on a Collaborative Art

A marvelous and important contribution.

–Paul Taylor, choreographer

A necessary, good, and fascinating book.

–Agnes de Mille, choreographer

What priceless, personal, and illuminating interviews. A high calibre, engaging work.

–John Duffy, founding president, Meet the Composer

Superb. A beautiful text. Candidly written, natural and witty.

–Carlos Surinach, composer

 Not only informative, but also fun.

–Diane Gray, Director, Martha Graham School

About Movement to Music: Musicians in the Dance Studio

Presents a vast panorama of practical suggestions and reminiscences on the principal theme of the dance studio as a collaborative art place and on the secondary theme of training for the dance studio musician.

–Sonneck Society Bulletin

A valuable resource for courses in dance technique, musical collaboration, and dance history, as well as an important addition to both public and college libraries.

–Dance Pages

Katherine Teck’s very readable texts on this often neglected area of the dance experience make an important contribution to the oral history record as well as create a unique chapter in the dialogue between music and the dance.

–Dance Chronicle